Bridge Skill Gap

Skill Gap is a deficiency in the skills set of the individual performing the tasks.

Each Job requires an individual to perform various tasks. Formal Education system is generic in nature and is not designed keeping in mind the tasks the individual will need to perform. These skill gaps are the reason for loss in work. It is very important for organizations to map skill requirement for various Job roles and accordingly assess the current manpower. This will give the Organization the skills gaps which need to be worked upon.

Bridging the existing skill gaps reaps tremendous benefits for the organization.

We have our large pool of certified Training Providers and Assessors for all Industry Verticals and Geographies. Various Job Roles have been already mapped by us and the remaining ones are in the pipeline. We have various Industry experts on our panel which can help you in identifying these skill gaps.

So become an IASC SSC Industry Partner today and get the support for indentifying the Skill Gaps and filling them!