Industry Trainings

  • Instrumentation, Automation, Surveillance & Communications are evolving fields with technology changing every few years. Whereas Organizations readily invest in the new technologies, no investments are made on the people who are going to commission/operate/maintain them.
  • Once the skill gaps are indentified either internally or by taking IASC SSC Assessments, the next step will be to go for customized skilling for training on relevant areas only, this will save resources on training.
  • Every time a new batch of fresh Engineer or Management Trainee is inducted, they need training. Creating infrastructure for skilling these fresh executives is many a time not economically viable. 

For above such scenarios and many more, IASC SSC with its knowledge bank of latest technologies, vast pool of Training Providers and Assessors is ready to help you in arranging customized Training packages.

So become an IASC SSC Industry Partner today and avail the benefits of customized Industry trainings!