NSQF Certification

Instrumentation, Automation, Surveillance & Communication Industries are technology driven fields having vast spectrum of applications across all sectors such as Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Iron & Steel, FMCG, Food Processing, Cement, Paper, Nuclear, Packaging, Buildings, smart city etc. Instrumentation and Automation forms the backbone of any modern process driven manufacturing facility. Accidents and loss of property due to faulty installation or servicing has been one of the major challenges of the industry. The loss of production and hence revenues on account of such issues is also a major concern for the Industry. Apart from the end users, the contractors also suffer due to mishandling by unskilled/ semi-skilled manpower. Unskilled/ semi-skilled manpower is the major reason for loss of work efficiency.

Unfortunately today there is no framework for indentifying that all the commissioning/ operations/ maintenance of the equipment is being done by skilled manpower.       

To overcome these challenges IASC Sector Skill Council has created various job roles.

These Job roles are called as Qualification Packs (QP) and each Qualification Pack consists of Various National Occupational Standards (NOS). Just like there is Indian Standard for products, similarly NOS is the Indian Standard for performing tasks. Each Job requires numerous tasks to be performed by an employee. Best method for performing tasks or Standard Operating Procedure/ Standard Safety Procedures for the tasks are converted into National Occupation Standards and form part of the National Skills Registry. Each QP is assigned a level as per National Skills Qualification Framework.    

NSQF certification provides an opportunity to the applicant to pursue higher education or go for higher levels of certification.  

IASC SSC ensures that all candidates who undergo training on these QPs are rigorously assessed on various parameters ranging for core skills to soft skills. Assessments consist of testing the candidates on various Performance criteria’s of each NOS. including but not limited to performing tasks independently to the satisfaction of the Assessors.

Assessors are independent Industry Veterans having the required skill set to assess the candidates.

This makes IASC SSC certification the ultimate benchmark for skills.

So become an IASC SSC Industry Partner today and get you manpower assessed to find out if they possess the right skills for the Job!